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Had a great day today!

A new friend Marwin came over today to learn a bit about blacksmithing and knife making. We made a nail and a hook and a chef knife out of a lawn mower blade.  It is my first time forging a knife from a lawn mower blade.  .  My dad sent me six of them about a year ago and I thought it would be a good lesson in blacksmithing.   It is kind of cool .  I did not set out with any shape of type of knife in mind.  The process was very organic.  A shape just started to take place and I went with it. In the end it resembles a chef knife …sort of.    I will post pics when it is finished.   It was a learning experience for us both.

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Filet Knives for Christmas!


We had three special orders for filet knives for Christmas.  We finished them today.  We have a few more knives to finish in time for Christmas. We are still taking orders but they will probably not be done for Christmas.    Thanks to everyone that placed an order with us I hope that they are well received and give many years of service.  Remember to read and pass on the care and feeding of this knife to the recipient.  Care and Feeding.

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New Forge!!!!!!


We did not want this winter to be like the last several.  Where the weather gets bad and we are done making knives for three months.  Now regardless of the weather we can be doing what we love.  This is a propane forge.  I have never worked with anything but coal for the past 10 years and I have to say I am really impressed.  I wish I had picked one of these up years ago.  It was easy to set up, (some assembly required) but once hooked up to a tank it took right off and we heat treated four blades in it very quickly.   It will help us through the winter months to get ready for hopefully a busy summer.  We look forward to working with our friends on pattern welded steel  aka “damascus steel” over these cold dark months.

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New Stuff and Live Love Local Just Two Days Away!!!!

First off we have 3 Santuko style knives.  Handles are malachite stone and brass.  Top olivewood, Middle, osage orange and Bottom, cocobolo and ebony.  Then top right we have an executive bird and trout/paring blade in cherry for our farm in Mississippi.  and a couple of oyster knives in Mahogany.  The last knife is a filet made for a friend out of lignum vitae and ebony.  Come See us Sunday at Live Love Local!!!

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#Spoon and Seed

One of our Chefs made a comment on their Instagram account I thought was nice. If you are in Hyannis check out Spoon and Seed. You will not be disappointed. Chef Tropeano is a world class chef and his restaurant is really great and his wife is fantastic too. Good food and good people, who could ask for more!