Oyster Shucker Info

Cape Cod Cutlery Oyster Knife Sales Help Sheet

1. The knives are hand made here in Marstons Mills by two guys in a garage. Fred and Tom.

2. They are made of AEB-L Which is a high carbon stainless steel. It is a good compromise between strength and stain resistance. The knives are heat treated in a vacuum and tempered to be very strong and resilient. Some makers send this out to be done we do it all in house. It will rust if you leave it wet . Always rinse and dry after use.

3. The handles are made of hard woods, stabilized woods in resin and some synthetic materials or Canvas Micarta made with canvas and resin. Hard woods could benefit from occasional coat of mineral oil.

4. Every bit of the knife is 100% guaranteed. If anything goes wrong send it to Cape Cod Cutlery and we will fix or replace it. You can also give the customer a new one and call me I will bring you a replacement.

5. There are two types of tips The straight Cape Cod Stabber tip and the bent New Haven Tip. The New Haven in more popular the Stabber traditional local design.

6. The knifes come in two lengths. Long is traditional and good for large wild caught oysters. Short gives better control without choking up and works well on farmed oysters. The short bent is what is preferred by the majority of local farmers and pro shuckers.

7. The handles come is 2 types smaller and rounded and chunkier and flatter. Everyone is different and it is hard to make everyone happy. We try.

8. We worked for 2 years with the shuckers of Wellfleet , Barnstable and Onset/Buzzards Bay to develop a knife that works exceptionaly well, is beautiful and comfortable.

9. Always wear a good glove or stab proof towel when schucking.