Friction Folders


This is the oldest known pocket knife design, dating back to at least the 3rd century. Bone handled versions have been found in Saxon graves in 10th century England. Older versions still have been found in Roman finds and Celt digs going back 400 A.D. or possibly older.

Base Price: $150 includes basic single wood option (walnut, maple, cherry burl), brass pins, 1095 or 52100 steel or 01 tool steel (old file)

OPTIONS (all options added to base price):

Mosaic pins – $5 each

Brass Bolster – $20

Filework – $20

Sheath – $20

Exotic wood handle or stabilized wood handle – market price (estimated $20-$50)

Exotic non-wood handle (bone, ivory, mammoth tooth, etc) – market price

Damascus blade – $50+ (special orders of specific types of Damascus may be more)