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Corona Virus?? Shop on Line!! WW2 Projects!!

Well Wilmington Gun show was a bust. Seemed hardly anyone showed up. Maybe the Corona virus was keeping them home. We will be in Springfield next weekend at the Big E center for another gun show. We will have to see if people stay home for that one. If you are worried you can always shop online. We are in full line production right now. Here in my newest cool project restorations/re imaginings of WW2 combat classics that saw duty in the European and Pacific theaters.

Here is a 1939 German K98 Bayonet whose handle was broken off. We have re-imagined it for a customer as a cool holdout knife with a stacked birch handle.
Here is a rehandle and clean up job of a WW2 Bolo machete used by Marines in the South Pacific. It has seen plenty of use. Originally designed for clearing growth it became a favorite hand to hand weapon. It is about 1/4 inch thick and weighs a couple of pounds. Unwieldy but no doubt any way you hit someone with it lethal.

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