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Two firsts for us!!!


This is our first knife made out of Japanese white steel which is about the most pure steel you can get.  It has a higher carbon content than the 1095 we use in most of our knives. It is just straight up iron and carbon. It is super hard and holds a super sharp edge.     There are no other elements or impurities in the steel. It would make a great kitchen utility or camp cook knife or really cool daily carry.  It has a 25,000 year old piece of Mammoth tusk for a handle that was dug out of  the Alaska tundra.  It is a great conversation piece.  My photography skills or lack there off do not do it justice.  It is 9 inches over all with a 5 inch blade and has characteristics of a 18th cent trade knife and a Japanese chef knife.  These are the two influences working in our shop at present.  It comes with a leather sheath for $500.00.  Tom does not want to sell it but sell it we must.  Please help keep Tom from finally getting his knife.

Don’t forget our Tuesday market in Chatham has started from 3-6 and our Friday Market at Cape Cod Beer starts on the 25th and we have the Wareham Oyster fest coming up on the Sunday of Memorial day weekend. We will be out of town at Blade Atlanta from June 1 to the 12th. so we will not be at the weekly markets on those days.

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