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New Kitchen Knives in Production!!


These are our new and improved kitchen knives.  Having learned a great deal about shape, thickness, geometry, style and use from our work with some Top Chefs on Cape Cod we have a new set of knives.  Top is a massive 11 inch filet knife that takes the handle design from our boat knife.  The thumb and finger indentation give it a really nice feel when filleting fish.  It can be cut down to an 8 and 6 inch length or shorter if one wants a really short boning knife. The next is Mister Stabby the oyster schucker.  Our version of the Cape Cod or Boston stabber design.  Our executive Bird and Trout knife in a thinner form is taking its place as our paring blade. Last but not least an 8 inch chef knife that takes its notes from French chef knives. Plenty of rocking motion the full length of the blade that was missing in our earlier German inspired knives.   These knives will probably end up sporting acid etched patinas and hamon lines with a mixture of wood, horn and synthetic materials.  We can not wait to get on them this week. They are all made out of 52100 high carbon steel. We have a new grinder as well with a 10 inch contact wheel that will allow us  to do some amazing hollow grinds.  This will  lead to sharper  and lighter kitchen knives in some of the blades. For those that are still flat ground the new grinder will help keep them even while allowing us to thin them a bit more allowing for still sharper and lighter knives with overall better cutting characteristics.


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