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Back to our roots.

As most people know we are medievalists.  We started making knives for reenactment community.  We spent Saturday at the biggest market in the Northeast for this sort of thing, Market Day at Birka. The two damascus blades on the bottom are made by our friend the immensely talented Brian Dimmock.  They are still available if anyone is interested. Enjoy the pictures!

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Friction Folders

There can be no doubt that folding knives sell better than fixed blade knives.  They are easy to carry and use day to day.  We currently make a friction folder.  This is the oldest known design of folding knife and they have been found in Saxon graves in England  back to the  9th cent and apparently even older than that 400 A.D. Rome.  We will be coming out with a liner locking blade hopefully this summer or fall by the latest along with straight razors. Here are some pics of the recent models.  All the blades are made from recycled files.  Some over 130 years old.   The company was bought out in 1890!  Handles are micarta and one is buffalo horn.

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Things people ask.

When people find out you make knives  they often ask us, “Have you ever made a knife out of a ….”  The usual suspects are  files, railroad spikes and and lawn mower blades.  I have made knives now out of all three.  Here is a blade forged out of a lawn mower blade.  Part of the serial number is even left in it. Handle is Mississippi Cherry Burl.

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This Week’s Work

Friction folders Black canvas micartawith and osage orange spacer.  Second is buffalo horn and variscite spacer with our trademark all original idea thumb screw tensioner.TM 🙂  and the last one is red and brown micarta.  The blades are all old Nicholson files we bought in a lot. Among them had one by a company Nicholson bought out in the 1890’s.  This was an old bunch of files!  The pictures do not bring out the color and shine in these handles.  We will get better ones up eventually.  We also a fighter with Dad’s Mississippi cherry burl handle and a couple of bird and trout knives in ebony and maple.

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Our Finnish knife goes to the Arctic! (Well Maybe)


So we are at the Live Love Local fest and a lady comes up and asks, ” Do you make machetes?    We said, “Not yet.”  She told us that her husband collects machetes from around the world.   We thought that was a cool and unusual hobby.  We did show her the Leku we had made.  This we told her is the closest thing to a machete we have.  It is the Laplander equivalent that they use for heavy brush work and butchering. (In testing the blade Tom hacked through 2x4s and nails!)  She then let us know that her husband was in charge of US arctic affairs and is located in Europe working with many Finns.  She thought it would be a cool to send him a Finnish knife made on Cape Cod. Well, he got the knife!  He liked it! He is in Germany and is going to show it to his Finnish friends to see what they think.  We are anxious to hear.   Who knows, maybe it will go to the Arctic with him and chop up a reindeer or some Birch for a fire!  Cape Cod Cutlery truly  international now.  Thanks for the great story.  The Leku on the right, is pictured with a knife made by the owners grandfather!  What a great patina on the old carbon steel blade.  Part of why we love carbon steel.