New Kitchen Knife and Sexy Friend

Today we finished off  this beautiful kitchen knife.  It is our first real venture into using 52100 steel and I can say we are really impressed with both the edge and the stain resistance.   Heat treating was a dream and we look forward to more work with it.   The handle is spalted maple and walnut.  It is an 8.5 inch chef knife.    The sexy friend is a 1095 blade with a handle consisting of nickle silver , African Black Wood and Ironwood.  Wow what a beauty!

The Leuku!!

This large utility knife of the Finnish Laplander is a virtual machete.   It is a chopping multi use knife with a big thick handle you can use while wearing reindeer skin mittens. The big brother of the Pukko the other traditional Finnish knife.  This is a serious piece of work.  The blade is a full tang piece of 1095 spring steel it is pinned with a mosaic pin and a lanyard tube.  The handle is made of brass, elk antler, birch bark and ebony .  Come see it at the Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market this Friday!

Summers winding down but not us!!

As the summer season winds down on Cape Cod we are just gearing up! We are starting a production line of 8 hunting , fishing and bush craft outdoor knives. We are beginning our research into our kitchen knife line that will include about 8 knife designs. We are in the middle of deciding the best steel to work with and are looking at 52100 and D2 steel as the are both fairly stain resistant high carbon steels. We wish to avoid working in stainless steel as much as possible currently as we are big fans of High Carbon Steels. If you know any professional chefs on the Cape with excellent knife skills that would like to try out our prototypes and give us input in the design stages we would reward them for their time with an example of the final product. We still have a few more farmers markets at Cape Cod Beer which ends Oct 7th. Please come out and see some of the new stuff we have been working on and bring your dull blades down for a sharpening