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Big things on the horizon.

As summer is winding down,  we are just gearing up.  We are working on getting our production line of knives rolling. We will still be making one of a kind creations as well.  This winter we will also be working on our kitchen knife line where we will be experimenting with several high tech steels including D2 and 52100 in order to find the perfect steel for our kitchen knives.  Look for the line to be ready in the spring /summer of 2017.  We look forward to a busy winter and look forward to being more high profile come next year. 12322496_1688328164745980_8200440077524379629_o


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Wood Burn a Viking Flying Fish?

So I try to make handles of my Seax interesting.  There are not many surviving handles in archaeology finds so I try and put my place in the life of a viking .   I imagine the viking ship splitting the waves and flying fish scattering in front of the bow.   Though found in all oceans they tend to be more abundant in warmer waters. I guess my viking was one of the ones who ranged far south.    The shape of it inspired a fish and so the wood burner added that bit of extra to the maple handle.  It even has a small purple heart inlay in the top with the watchful eye of Odin.