Cape Cod Boat Knife

This combination of knife and marlin spike is reminiscent of the tools of 17th and 18th century, when tall ships of wood manned by men of iron plied the oceans.  The sheep’s foot design of the blade is relatively safe on a tossing deck as it is hard to drop through your foot or boat.  It has a razor edge to make fast work of rope and a marlin spike to help with the knots and splicing.  Both are tied to the sheath with lanyards so they don’t fall overboard.  Handle made of teak and brass for a nautical feel.  Blade 1095 high carbon steel.

Happy Father’s Day

Tom and Fred spent Father’s Day out fishing and cleaned their catch with an ebony handled filet knife and scaled the fish with the bait cutting knife Tom uses as his personal knife, which is a vinegar patina 1095 blade with redwood burl and mosaic pins.  Happy fathers day to us!!13445584_10208287910127879_4500893511576538401_n


Cape Cod Beer Farmers Market

I’m so excited to be part of #CapeCodBeerFarmersMarket ! We’ll be there May 27 from 3-6…live music with Johnny Fonasaro, cold beer (or wine) in the beer garden, cornhole, hotdog truck – fun!

Custom Filet knife for Father’s Day with etched initials and Mahogany handle with brass pins and yellow fiber liner and custom dangler sheath.  Blade is stainless and sharp like a razor.  Ready for the big stripped bass!!!


A day at the forge.

The weather was nice today and we had some time so we lit the forge to heat treat some blades and to anneal (soften) some old files so we can turn them into knives.

In these pictures we are drawing out the tang of a Damascus Viking knife for a friend of ours.  The tang will come out the end of a elk  antler and be bent into a small lanyard hook.


T. F. Woodcraft

tf woodworks

Cape Cod Cutlery is pleased to announce a new partnership with T. F. Woodcraft. This local business based out of Rochester, MA produced high quality beautiful woodwork utilizing repurposed wood remnants from manufacturing.

While T. F. Woodcraft creates many different products, the natural pairing for us at Cape Cod Cutlery are their stunning cutting boards and wooden kitchen utensils. Look for these products at our table at the next Cape Cod Beer Farmer’s Market.